Subterranean Press To Release 8 Clive Barker Books In 2014
Posted by Roger on November 10 2013 11:48:09
Subterranean Press will be releasing several of Clive's stories in January 2014.

First up is "Chiliad: A Meditation". "Chiliad" consists of two interrelated stories, stories filtered through the melancholy imagination of a narrator perched on the banks of a river that flows backward and forward through time. The first movement, “Men and Sin,” takes place in the millennial year of 1000 AD. The second, “A Moment at the River’s Heart,” occurs exactly one thousand years—the length of a “chiliad”—later, as the new millennium approaches."

You can pre-order here:

Also in the works will be all six volumes of Clive's "Books Of Blood" series of short stories in hardcover using Clive's original dust jacket art. These will be released sometime in 2014.

"Six Destinies" (the novella for "Tortured Souls") will also be released shortly after the "Chiliad". This is the collection of short stories packaged with the "Tortured Souls" line of action figures from McFarlane toys. It will be fully illustrated.