Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: Welcome to the Re-Vamped Fifth Dominion

Posted by Roger on March 02 2013 17:46

Wilmot wrote:

Hello. My name is Wilmot. Is this the "welcome" part of the forum? Fresh meat, here (the cannibals should be pleased). I've been an enormous fan of Clive Barker since I read The Books of Blood. I was so enthused, I encouraged my father to read it.

Yes you are in the right place.... and as with all of us..... if not the right mind. HEHE

This is a small community right now but some very dedicated Clive Barker fans.
Can't wait to hear more from you.
This forum is our main focus but as you can see the site just got overhauled so there is not a lot of threads to read and discuss yet. Feel free to post away. Smile