Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: Welcome to the Re-Vamped Fifth Dominion

Posted by Roger on January 28 2013 20:11

Ryan wrote:

My opinion is you're spreading yourself too thin. If I were you I would concentrate on the forum and get rid of the news page.

You've got your Horror Host stuff, your Doctor Who stuff, and your Doctor Xombie stuff.

I have to agree with you there buddy. Smile
I don't do the Doctor Who page anymore though.

I'm just going to write new news stuff once in a great while now.
If I don't put something up, we may not get much attention here.
I don't think the forums will hit any search engines but I believe the news page does.

I'd LOVE it if we could get someone to post news articles once in a while.
Any aspiring writers out there? Grin